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Capability / Strength

Infrastructure :

Our state-of-art facility is operational 24/7 and has been specially designed with an ambience to suit the BPO center requirements. We have also invested in creating a pool of additional redundant resources and equipment to augment and make the facility more reliable and stable. Salient features of our infrastructure are:

  • Artfully designed office space with spacious BPO operations floor, training rooms & recreation area.
  • 100% power back-up with UPS provided for server/desktops, and commercial back-up generators.
  • A total of 4 mbps network connectivity with redundancy for all vital infrastructure.
  • 1 Mbps IPLC WAN Link, Virtual Private Network connection for security of data transfer .
  • Fully secure facility with Biometric Access Control, Fire Alarms and Closed Circuit Cameras.
  • Network operations center based around CISCO technology.

Technology :

ConXeps has a strong dedicated network facility to establish a high performance, robust industry standard BPO center. We have created a redundant reliable infrastructure to service the Voice, Data, Email, Chat & Multimedia processes for all process segments. In this facility, we have dedicated International Link connectivity, Internet, security systems, database servers and PABX. ConXeps believes that a secured reliable network is essential to meet today’s business needs and exceed service delivery requirements.

Contact Management :

ConXeps is equipped with a state-of-art call center facility, and has a stream of call center partners near shore and offshore that act as a disaster recovery and scalability vehicle. Our call center suite of technology includes the following features:

• Predictive Dialers
• Voice Recording Systems
• IVR Interactive Voice Response Solution
• ACD Automatic Call Distributor
• Skills based Routing
• Call Center MIS Reporting Systems
• Call Monitoring Facility

Physical Security :

ConXeps facility includes a comprehensive physical security policy to ensure that all customer processes, data and services are secure and protected at all times. This includes:

1. Security-controlled access to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed access, using proximity cards. Proximity cards are configured to allow conditional access to restricted areas for authorized personnel only.
2. Video surveillance using top-of-the-line surveillance system that monitors all important facility locations. The system is monitored on a 24/7 basis.
3. Security guards stationed at all important locations within and around the facility perimeter; armed guards are deployed during night shifts.
4. Adequate fire protection and fighting equipment has been installed throughout the building in strategic locations.

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