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At ConXeps, our value proposition to clients is focused towards building strong relationships with them. We work with our clients as an independent service provider, as well as an operations partner providing on-going IT and outsourced business services with a promise of 50% to 75% cost savings.

Industry Coverage :

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Media & Telecommunications

Client Privacy :

At ConXeps, we respect and protect client confidentiality to the utmost degree. We commit ourselves to safeguard and protect the intellectual property of our clients. We ensure the privacy of our clients and their data, records, information and knowledge base; whether created by, managed by, or shared by ConXeps.

We believe in adhering to appropriate codes of conduct in relation to objectively and fairly researching, using, and managing our clients’ proprietary information. Our clients worldwide feel secure and comfortable having ConXeps as their data managers.

Value Proposition :

Qualit : Enhance the quality of your decisions by letting our experienced team manage your business processes.
Capability :Elevate your capability structure by aligning your firm with Conxeps’s intelligent and technologically equipped BPO platform.
Risk Management : Mitigate your risks by hedging your operations and management expenses against a fixed ConXeps's cost. Also avoid business seasonality risks, by utilizing ConXeps’s option to scale up or down operations.
Cost Reductio :Minimize costs and increase your margins by outsourcing your software, call center, research and back office work to a low cost data provider like ConXeps for 50% to 75% savings.
Decision Making : Take the right strategic or tactical decision at the right time while ConXeps provides you with timely and quality deliverables.
TAT Expedite your deliverables by avoiding delays and increasing your Turn-Around-Times with ConXeps.
Business Performance : Improve business performance by focusing on core processes and letting ConXeps take care of your business process management needs.

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